Redescription Mining: Structure Theory and Algorithms

Laxmi Parida, Naren Ramakrishnan

We introduce a new data mining problem---redescription mining---that unifies considerations of conceptual clustering, constructive induction, and logical formula discovery. Redescription mining begins with a collection of sets, views it as a propositional vocabulary, and identifies clusters of data that can be defined in at least two ways using this vocabulary. The primary contributions of this paper are conceptual and theoretical: (i) we formally study the space of redescriptions underlying a dataset and characterize their intrinsic structure, (ii) we identify impossibility as well as strong possibility results about when mining redescriptions is feasible, (iii) we present several scenarios of how we can custom-build redescription mining solutions for various biases, and (iv) we outline how many problems studied in the larger machine learning community are really special cases of redescription mining. By highlighting its broad scope and relevance, we aim to establish the importance of redescription mining and make the case for a thrust in this new line of research.

Content Area: 12. Machine Learning

Subjects: 12. Machine Learning and Discovery

Submitted: May 10, 2005

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