Similarity and Logic Based Ontology Mapping for Security Management

Alfred Ka Yiu Wong, Nandan Paramesh, and Pradeep Kumar Ray, University of New South Wales

Ontological issues have been widely researched, especially in the semantic web where ontologies are developed to strengthen the semantic layer of web information. As a result, the proliferation of ontologies necessitates a mapping approach. The existing mapping approaches are generally developed for generic ontologies such as linguistic ontologies. We envisage ontologies as formal knowledge bases basing on which mobile intelligent agents will communicate and reason with in order to perform collaborative and distributive problem resolution in a dynamic environment. Furthermore, the volatility of the environment often requires approximation in reasoning. We present a similarity-based approach to ontology mapping for ontologies formally modeled in logic. The approach is based around a similarity function and uses SLD resolution as the basis to measure semantic likeness between concepts. In validation of our concept, the approach is experimented in the network security domain.

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