Belief Update Using Graphs

Florian Stadlbauer

Since the first days of digital games, developers have concentrated on realistic graphical and technical effects to increase the player’s awareness. Ever since games have become more and more complex until today’s next generation titles, which immerse the audience into a movie-like three dimensional game world, where computer controlled characters behave almost like real humans. Development budgets for such titles easily exceed 10 to 15 million U.S. dollars. Large amounts of these budgets are spent on the innovative technologies behind the graphical effects. These efforts are intended to provide the player a realistic behaving and vivid world. Therefore, the development and implementation of several AI approaches in digital games is one of the key technologies. This talk will focus the phrase “game AI,” which covers a collection of programming and design approaches that have to be adjusted for the game developers needs. Therefore the beginnings and the recent approaches regarding game AI will be depicted as a first step. Furthermore the talk will highlight a possible future fundamental change of game AI. Last but not least some possible links between game development and academia research efforts in the field of AI will be highlighted.

Submitted: Feb 21, 2008

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