Parallel Genetic Programming on Fine-Grained SIMD Architectures

Fugues Juillé and Jordan B. Pollack

As tile field of Genetic Programming (GP) matures and its breadth of application increases, the need for parallel implementations becomes absolutely necessary. The transputer-based system recently presented by Koza ([8]) is one of the rare such parallel implementations. Until today, no implementation has been proposed for parallel GP using a SIMD architecture, except for a data-parallel approach ([16]), although others have exploited workstation farms and pipelined supercomputers. One reason is certainly the apparent difficulty of dealing with the parallel evaluation of different S-expressions when only a single instruction can be executed at the same time on every processor. The aim of this paper is to present such an implementation of parallel GP on a SIMD system, where each processor can efficiently evaluate a different S-expression. We have implemented this approach on a MasPar MP-2 computer, and will present some timing results. To the extent that SIMD machines, like the MasPar are available to offer cost-effective cycles for scientific experimentation, this is a useful approach.

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