Cooperative Team Plan: Planning, Execution and Replanning

Olivier Bonnet-Torres, Catherine Tessier

In the context of robot team control, this paper focuses on a framework for designing a team plan and its projection onto individual robotic agents. A mission plan, represented as a coloured Petri net, is calculated through constraint optimisation from goal and time requirements. The mission plan is then turned into a hierarchical team plan through reduction rules that also structure the dynamic hierarchical team organisation. Hence each level in the team plan corresponds to an abstract plan at the corresponding subteam level in the team hierarchy. Controlling an agent individually requires extracting individual information, such as activities involving the agent as well as interacting agents or subteams at each subteam level: the team plan is projected onto individual agents. At runtime events may disrupt plan execution. A reaction is executed while diagnosis triggers replanning which is performed as locally as possible.

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