Telepresence Robot For Home Care Assistance

Francois Michaud, Patrick Boissy, Daniel Labonte, Helene Corriveau, Andrew Grant, Michel Lauria, Richard Cloutier, Marc-Andre Roux, David Iannuzzi, Marie-Pier Royer

Teleoperated from a distant location, a mobile robot with some autonomous capabilities can become a beneficial tool in telehealth applications. Assistive technologies for telementoring in homes constitute a very promising avenue to decrease load on the health care system, reduce hospitalization period and improve quality of life. However, design issues related to such systems are broad and mostly unexplored, but with very few systems currently available commercially. Mobile robots operating in home environments must deal with constrained space and a great variety of obstacles and situations to handle. This paper presents the interdisciplinary design methodology followed to develop Telerobot, a telepresence assistive mobile robot for home care assistance of elderly people. Using field trials with existing platforms, focus groups and interviews, initial requirements for the new mobile robot platform with its augmented video user interfaces are outlined.

Subjects: 17. Robotics

Submitted: Jan 25, 2007

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