Interactive Genetic Algorithms for use as Creativity Enhancement Tools

Jarod Kelly, Panos Y Papalambros, Colleen M Seifert

It is proposed that creativity can be enhanced through the use of interactive genetic algorithms (IGAs). Divergent and convergent thinking are important processes in creativity that we simulate through two separate IGA populations developed by different means. The convergent process hones in on specific designs, while the divergent process explore design possibilities in a fashion beyond pure mutation techniques typically used to introduce population diversity. This study uses Monte Carlo simulation to explore the effect of merging two populations developed by the divergent and convergent methods. The results suggest that population diversity benefits from these population combinations while not adversely affecting the ability of the user to find a goal design. This IGA has also been developed in Adobe Flash so that it can be deployed on the internet to conduct validation and studies of creativity.

Subjects: 1.4 Design.

Submitted: Jan 25, 2008

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