AAAI Publications, Eighth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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Applying Learning by Observation and Case-Based Reasoning to Improve Commercial RTS Game AI
Glen Robertson

Last modified: 2012-10-07


This document summarises my research in the area of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) video game Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main objective of this research is to increase the quality of AI used in commercial RTS games, which has seen little improvement over the past decade. This objective will be addressed by investigating the use of a learning by observation, case-based reasoning agent, which can be applied to new RTS games with minimal development effort. To be successful, this agent must compare favourably with standard commercial RTS AI techniques: it must be easier to apply, have reasonable resource requirements, and produce a better player. Currently, a prototype implementation has been produced for the game StarCraft, and it has demonstrated the need for processing large sets of input data into a more concise form for use at run-time.


Case-Based Reasoning; Learning by Observation; StarCraft; AI; computer games; games

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