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Towards an Empathizing and Adaptive Storyteller System
Byung Chull Bae, Alberto Brunete, Usman Malik, Evanthia Dimara, Jermsak Jermsurawong, Nikolaos Mavridis

Last modified: 2012-10-07


This paper describes our ongoing effort to build an empathizing and adaptive storyteller system. The system under development aims to utilize emotional expressions generated from an avatar or a humanoid robot in addition to the listener’s responses which are monitored in real time, in order to deliver a story in an effective manner. We conducted a pilot study and the results were analyzed in two ways: first, through a survey questionnaire analysis based on the participant’s subjective ratings; second, through automated video analysis based on the participant’s emotional facial expression and eye blinking. The survey questionnaire results show that male participants have a tendency of more empathizing with a story character when a virtual storyteller is present, as compared to audio-only narration. The video analysis results show that the number of eye blinking of the participants is thought to be reciprocal to their attention.


Storyteller system; Empathizing

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