AAAI Publications, Eighth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference

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Toward Narrative Schema-Based Goal Recognition Models for Interactive Narrative Environments
Alok Baikadi, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott, James C. Lester

Last modified: 2012-10-07


Computational models for goal recognition hold great promise for enhancing the capabilities of drama managers and director agents for interactive narratives. The problem of goal recognition, and its more general form, plan recognition, have been the subjects of extensive investigation in the AI community. However, relatively little effort has been undertaken to examine goal recognition in interactive narrative. In this paper, we propose a research agenda to improve the accuracy of goal recognition models for interactive narratives using explicit representations of narrative structure inspired by the natural language processing community. We describe a particular category of narrative representations, narrative schemas, that we anticipate will effectively capture patterns of player behavior in interactive narratives and improve the accuracy of goal recognition models.


Interactive Narrative ; Goal Recognition ; Plan Recognition ; User Modeling

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