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Algorithmically Flexible Style Composition Through Multi-Objective Fitness Functions
Skyler Murray, Dan Ventura

Last modified: 2012-10-07


Creating a musical fitness function is largely subjective and can be critically affected by the designer's biases. Previous attempts to create such functions for use in genetic algorithms lack scope or are prejudiced to a certain genre of music. They also are limited to producing music strictly in the style determined by the programmer. We show in this paper that musical feature extractors, which avoid the challenges of qualitative judgment, enable creation of a multi-objective function for direct music production. The main result is that the multi-objective fitness function enables creation of music with varying identifiable styles. To demonstrate this, we use three different multi-objective fitness functions to create three distinct sets of musical melodies. We then evaluate the distinctness of these sets using three different approaches: a set of traditional computational clustering metrics; a survey of non-musicians; and analysis by three trained musicians.


musical feature extractors; compositional style; multi-objective fitness function

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