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Meta-Score, a Novel PWGL Editor Designed for the Structural, Temporal, and Procedural Description of a Musical Composition
Mika Kuuskankare

Last modified: 2012-10-07


In this paper we introduce a prototype of ’meta-score’, a novel visual editor in PWGL, aimed at defining the structural, temporal and procedural properties of a musical composition. Meta-score is a music notation editor, thus, the score can be created manually by inputting the information using a GUI. However, meta-score extends the concept of a musical score so that the musical content can be defined not only manually but also procedurally. The composition is defined by placing scores (hence the name meta-score) on a timeline, creating dependencies between the objects, and defining the compositional processes associated with them. Meta-score presents the users with a three-stage compositional process beginning from the sketching of the overall structure along with the associated harmonic, rhythmic and melodic material; continuing with the procedural description of the composition and ending with the automatic production of the performance score. In this paper, we describe the present state of meta-score.


algorithmic composition, music notation, visual editors

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