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‘Xa-lan’: Algorithmic Generation of Expressive Music Scores Based on Signal Analysis and Graphical Transformations
Mauricio E. Rodriguez

Last modified: 2012-10-07


Xa-lan is a computer program written in Common-LISP to generate music scores with a high level of notational/symbolic expressivity. Generation is driven by audio-analysis of melodic profiles. Once a melodic contour is input to the software, graphic transformations of the original profile stochastically control the different notational elements of the score. The Xa-lan routines display their final output using the ‘Expressive Notation Package’ of PWGL, a LISP-based visual composition environment. A full range of traditional and non-conventional music notation elements can be algorithmically generated with Xa-lan, retrieving to the user a ‘ready-to-play’ or fully ex-pressive music score.


Music Notation; Music Composition; Algorithmic Music

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