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A Course-Long Information Retrieval Project
David Kauchak

Last modified: 2010-07-05


In this paper, we describe the outline for a course-long information retrieval (IR) project. The project guides the students in constructing a working IR system from the ground up. The first half of the project is structured and closely follows common foundational IR concepts. During this portion of the project, a bare-bones IR system is constructed. For the last half of the project, students (in groups) implement research-driven extensions to the basic system with the additional constraint that their project must integrate with the base system. By the end, the students have worked on a large software project (~40 classes with thousands of lines of code) in a group setting as well as been introduced to the research process. This project plan has been successfully used in an undergraduate course; resources including starter code, solutions, and an example IR system with project write-ups are available.

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