AAAI Publications, Twenty-Third International FLAIRS Conference

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Game Based Training for Fighter Pilots
Jeremy Ludwig, Robert Richards, Jeff Lovelace

Last modified: 2010-05-06


How could computer games be used to augment training for fighter pilots? This paper is aimed at providing one answer to this research question. Three current methods of training fighter pilots are: working in the actual aircraft, working with high-fidelity aircraft simulators, and working with desktop computer based courseware systems. All of these approaches have strengths and weaknesses. This paper describes a low-cost game-based training framework that attempts to provide pilot instruction that students would actually want to use. This framework is meant to augment, not replace, the existing training modalities. First we describe our requirement-gathering process and the set of requirements we defined for a game-based training system aimed at a specific group of fighter pilots. Next, we explain a prototype game-based training system for the iPod Touch that was developed based on this research. Following this we present a description of the initial game based training system developed in response to feedback on the prototype system. We conclude with a discussion of the future directions for this research.


Serious games; Intelligent tutoring systems; iPhone

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