AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fifth International FLAIRS Conference

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A Linguistic Analysis of Expert-Generated Paraphrases
Russell D. Brandon, Scott A. Crossley, Danielle S. McNamara

Last modified: 2012-05-16


The authors used the computational tool Coh-Metrix to examine expert writers’ paraphrases and in particular, how experts paraphrase text passages using condensing strategies. The overarching goal of this study was to develop machine learning algorithms to aid in the automatic detection of paraphrases and paraphrase types. To this end, three experts were instructed to paraphrase by condensing a set of target passages. The linguistic differences between the original passages and the condensed paraphrases were then analyzed using Coh-Metrix. The condensed paraphrases were accurately distinguished from the original target passages based on the number of words, word frequency, and syntactic complexity.



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