AAAI Publications, Twenty-Third IAAI Conference

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The Stock Sonar — Sentiment Analysis of Stocks Based on a Hybrid Approach
Ronen Feldman, Benjamin Rosenfeld, Roy Bar-Haim, Moshe Fresko

Last modified: 2011-08-04


The Stock Sonar (TSS) is a stock sentiment analysis application based on a novel hybrid approach. While previous work focused on document level sentiment classification, or extracted only generic sentiment at the phrase level, TSS integrates sentiment dictionaries, phrase-level compositional patterns, and predicate-level semantic events. TSS generates precise in text sentiment tagging as well as sentiment-oriented event summaries for a given stock, which are also aggregated into sentiment scores. Hence, TSS allows investors to get the essence of thousands of articles every day and may help them to make timely, informed trading decisions. The extracted sentiment is also shown to improve the accuracy of an existing document-level sentiment classifier.

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