AAAI Publications, Twenty-Third International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

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Moving Target Search with Compressed Path Databases
Adi Botea, Jorge A. Baier, Daniel Harabor, Carlos Hernández

Last modified: 2013-06-02


Moving target search, where the goal state changes during a search, has recently seen a revived interest. Incremental Anytime Repairing A* (I-ARA*) is a very recent, state-ofthe-art algorithm for moving target search in a known terrain. In this work, we address the problem using compressed path databases (CPDs) in moving target search. CPDs have previously been used in standard, fixed-target pathfinding. They encode all-pairs shortest paths in a compressed form and require preprocessing and memory to store the database. In moving-target search, our speed results are orders of magnitude better than state of the art. The time per individual move is improved, which is important in real-time search scenarios, where the time available to make a move is limited. The number of hunter moves is very good, since CPDs provide optimal moves along shortest paths. Compared to previous successful methods, such as I-ARA*, our method is simple to understand and implement.

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