AAAI Publications, Fifth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

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Digital Diasporas Atlas Exploration and Cartography of Diasporas in Digital Networks
Dana Diminescu, Renault Matthieu, Bourgeois Mehdi, Mathieu Jacomy

Last modified: 2011-07-05


We will present the digital methodological chain and the tools we developed for building the Digital Diasporas Atlas which aims at mapping and analyzing the occupation of digital diasporas by migrant communities. Such a chain is composed of four intertwined steps: 1) equipped web exploration and corpus building; 2) data enrichment (location, languages, text-mining); 3) network visualization- manipulation and graph interpretation; 4) collaborative sharing of (raw) data and findings. The Digital Diasporas Atlas takes part in the project of introducing digital methods in humanities: promoting digitally equipped social sciences and developing an engineering informed by humanities.

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