AAAI Publications, Sixth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

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Composing Traveling Paths from Location-Based Services
Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Cheng-Te Li

Last modified: 2012-05-20


With the emergence of location-based services, such as Foursquare and Gowalla, users are allowed to easily perform check-in actions anywhere and anytime. The location-based check-in not only enables personal geospatial journeys but also serves as a kind of fine-grained source for trip planning. In this work, we aim to collectively compose traveling paths by leveraging the check-in data through mining the moving behaviors of users. A novel system, TP-Comp, is developed. To compose travel paths, TP-Comp not only allows users to specify starting/end and/or must-go locations, but also provides the flexibility of the time constraint requirement (i.e., the expected duration of the trip). By considering a sequence of check-in points as a traveling path, we mine the frequent sequences with some ranking mechanism to achieve the goal. Our TP-Comp targets at travelers who are unfamiliar to the objective area/city and have time limitation in the trip.


Route recommendation, trip planning; subsequence mining; check-in data

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