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Mood and Weather: Feeling the Heat?
Kunwoo Park, Seonggyu Lee, Eunae Kim, Minjee Park, Juyong Park, Meeyoung Cha

Last modified: 2013-06-28


The notion that weather plays a significant role in determininga person’s mood is empirically beyond doubt, but quantifyingthe relationship on a large scale has traditionally beenhampered by difficulties in measuring people’s sentiments. Inthis paper we present the relationship between weather andthe U.S. residents’ sentiments from Twitter data and nationwidemeteorological records. We measure how temperature,humidity, and atmospheric pressure correlate with people’smoods, demonstrating the potential of large-scale online datain humanities fields such as psychology. We also providethese results with infographics, which can help the public understandscientific results easily.


weather; sentiment analysis; twitter

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