AAAI Publications, Twenty-First International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Goal-Driven Learning in the GILA Integrated Intelligence Architecture
Jainarayan Radhakrishnan, Santiago Ontanon, Ashwin Ram

Last modified: 2009-06-26


Goal Driven Learning (GDL) focuses on systems that determine by themselves what has to be learnt and how to learn it. Typically GDL systems use meta-reasoning capabilities over a base {\em reasoner}, identifying learning goals and devising strategies. In this paper we present a novel GDL technique to deal with complex AI systems where the meta-reasoning module has to analyze the reasoning trace of multiple components with potentially different learning paradigms. Our approach works by distributing the generation of learning strategies among the different modules instead of centralizing it in the meta-reasoner. We implemented our technique in the GILA system, that works in the airspace task orders domain, showing an increase in performance.


goal-driven learning, meta-reasoning, learning goals, case-based reasoning

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