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SoCS 2013 Organization PDF
Malte Helmert, Gabriele Röger
Invited Speakers PDF
J. Christopher Beck, Gene Cooperman
Preface PDF
Malte Helmert, Gabriele Röger

Full Papers

Anytime Truncated D* : Anytime Replanning with Truncation PDF
Sandip Aine, Maxim Likhachev
An Analysis Framework for Examination Timetabling PDF
Taha Arbaoui, Jean-Paul Boufflet, Aziz Moukrim
Parallelising the k-Medoids Clustering Problem Using Space-Partitioning PDF
Alejandro Arbelaez, Luis Quesada
Fast Detection of Unsolvable Planning Instances Using Local Consistency PDF
Christer Bäckström, Peter Jonsson, Simon Ståhlberg
Multi-Agent Path Finding for Self Interested Agents PDF
Zahy Bnaya, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Roie Zivan, Steven Okamoto
Experimental Real-Time Heuristic Search Results in a Video Game PDF
Ethan Burns, Scott Kiesel, Wheeler Ruml
Throwing Darts: Random Sampling Helps Tree Search when the Number of Short Certificates Is Moderate PDF
John Paul Dickerson, Tuomas Sandholm
To UCT, or not to UCT? (Position Paper) PDF
Carmel Domshlak, Zohar Feldman
Multi-Hop Ride Sharing PDF
Florian Drews, Dennis Luxen
Bidirectional Preference-Based Search for State Space Graph Problems PDF
Lucie Galand, Anisse Ismaili, Patrice Perny, Olivier Spanjaard
Optimal-Generation Variants of EPEA* PDF
Meir Goldenberg, Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant, Robert C. Holte, Jonathan Schaeffer
Bounded Suboptimal Heuristic Search in Linear Space PDF
Matthew Hatem, Roni Stern, Wheeler Ruml
Red-Black Relaxed Plan Heuristics Reloaded PDF
Michael Katz, Joerg Hoffmann
From Feasibility Tests to Path Planners for Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Athanasios Krontiris, Ryan Luna, Kostas E. Bekris
Active Stratified Sampling with Clustering-Based Type Systems for Predicting the Search Tree Size of Problems with Real-Valued Heuristics PDF
Levi H. S. Lelis
Evolving Instance Specific Algorithm Configuration PDF
Yuri Malitsky, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan
Finding Optimal Solutions to Sokoban Using Instance Dependent Pattern Databases PDF
André Grahl Pereira, Marcus Rolf Peter Ritt, Luciana Salete Buriol
GAC for a Linear Inequality and an Atleast Constraint with an Application to Learning Simple Polynomials PDF
Naina Razakarison, Mats Carlsson, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Helmut Simonis
Reconnecting with the Ideal Tree: An Alternative to Heuristic Learning in Real-Time Search PDF
Nicolas Rivera, Leon Illanes, Jorge A. Baier, Carlos Hernandez
Online Detection of Dead States in Real-Time Agent-Centered Search PDF
Guni Sharon, Nathan Sturtevant, Ariel Felner
Constrained Symbolic Search: On Mutexes, BDD Minimization and More PDF
Álvaro Torralba, Vidal Alcázar
Automatic Generation of Efficient Domain-Optimized Planners from Generic Parametrized Planners PDF
Mauro Vallati, Chris Fawcett, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Holger Hoos, Alessandro Saetti
Planning Paths with Fewer Turns on Grid Maps PDF
Hu Xu, Lei Shu, May Huang

Research Abstracts

Finding Bounded Suboptimal Multi-Agent Path Planning Solutions Using Increasing Cost Tree Search (Extended Abstract) PDF
Faten Aljalaud, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Frequency Data Compression for Public Transportation Network Algorithms (Extended Abstract) PDF
Hannah Bast, Sabine Storandt
Multi-Agent Planning with Mixed-Integer Programming and Adaptive Interaction Constraint Generation (Extended Abstract) PDF
Jan-P. Calliess, Stephen J. Roberts
The Hierarchy in Grid Graphs (Extended Abstract) PDF
Sabine Storandt

Extended Abstracts

Customizable Route Planning in Road Networks (Extended Abstract) PDF
Daniel Delling, Andrew Vladislav Goldberg, Thomas Pajor, Renato Fonseca Werneck
Round-Based Public Transit Routing (Extended Abstract) PDF
Daniel Delling, Thomas Pajor, Renato Fonseca Werneck
Polynomial-Time Construction of Contraction Hierarchies for Multi-Criteria Objectives PDF
Stefan Funke, Sabine Storandt
Target-Value Search Revisited (Extended Abstract) PDF
Carlos Linares López, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner
Candidate Sets for Alternative Routes in Road Networks (Extended Abstract) PDF
Dennis Luxen, Dennis Schieferdecker
Towards Rational Deployment of Multiple Heuristics in A* (Extended Abstract) PDF
David Tolpin, Tal Beja, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Ariel Felner, Erez Karpas