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When Did You Start Doing that Thing that You Do? Interactive Activity Recognition and Prompting
Yi Chu, Young Chol Song, Kautz Henry, Richard Levinson

Last modified: 2011-08-24


We present a model of interactive activity recognition and prompting for use in an assistive system for persons with cognitive disabilities. The system can determine the user’s state by interpreting sensor data and/or by explicitly querying the user, and can prompt the user to begin or end tasks. The objective of the system is to help the user maintain a daily schedule of activities while minimizing interruptions from questions or prompts. The model is built upon an option-based hierarchical POMDP. Options can be programmed and customized to specify complex routines for prompting or questioning. Novel aspects of the model include (1) the introduction of adaptive options, which employ a lightweight user model and are able to provide near-optimal performance with little exploration; (2) a restricted-inquiry dual-control algorithm that can appeal for help from the user when sensor data is ambiguous; and (3) a combined filtering / most likely-sequence algorithm for activities determining the beginning and ending time points of the user’s activities. Experiments show that each of these features contributes to the robustness of the model.

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