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Automatic Identity Inference for Smart TVs
Avneesh Singh Saluja, Frank Mokaya, Mariano Phielipp, Branislav Kveton

Last modified: 2011-08-24


In 2009, an average American spent 3 hours per day watching TV. Recent advances in TV entertainment technologies, such as on-demand content, browsing the Internet, and 3D displays, have changed the traditional role of the TV and turned it into the center of home entertainment. Most of these technologies are personal and would benefit from seamless identification of who sits in front of the TV. In this work, we propose a practical and highly accurate solution to this problem. This solution uses a camera, which is mounted on a TV, to recognize faces of people in front of the TV. To make the approach practical, we employ online learning on graphs and show that we can learn highly accurate face models in difficult circumstances from as little as one labeled example. To evaluate our solutions, we collected a 10-hour long dataset of 8 people who watch TV. Our precision and recall are in the upper nineties, and show the promise of utilizing our approach in an embedded setting.

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