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On the Cooling-Aware Workload Placement Problem
Paolo Cremonesi, Andrea Sansottera, Stefano Gualandi

Last modified: 2011-08-24


This paper proposes a new challenging optimization problem, called COOLING-AWARE WORKLOADPLACEMENT PROBLEM, that looks for a workload placement that optimizes the overall data center power consumption given by the sum of the server power consumption and of the computer room air conditioner power consumption. We formulate CWPP as a Mixed Integer Non Linear Problem using a cross-interferencematrix that links the workload placement to the cold airtemperature. Since state-of-the-art Mixed Integer Non Linear solvers can solve to optimality only the smallest instances, we devised two heuristics to obtain good feasible solutions: (i) a heuristic algorithm based on an integer linear relaxation of the problem, and (ii) a VariableNeighborhood Search algorithm. Both heuristic algorithms are evaluated against the best lower bounds obtained with a Mixed Integer Non Linear solver. Preliminary computational results show that both heuristics provide solutions that have a small percentage gap from the optimal solutions.

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