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Enabling Semantic Understanding of Situations from Contextual Data In A Privacy-Sensitive Manner
Fuming Shih, Vidya Narayanan, Lukas Kuhn

Last modified: 2011-08-24


Mobile applications can be greatly enhanced if they have information about the situation of the user. Situations may be inferred by analyzing several types of contextual information drawn from device sensors, such as location, motion, ambiance and proximity. To capture a richer understanding of users’ situations, we introduce an ontology describing the relations between background knowledge about the user and contexts inferred from sensor data. With the right combination of machine learning and semantic modeling, it is possible to create high-level interpretations of user behaviors and situations. However, the potential of understanding and interpreting behavior with such detailed granularity poses significant threats to personal privacy. We propose a framework to mitigate privacy risks by filtering sensitive data in a context-aware way, and maintain provenance of inferred situations as well as relations between existing contexts when sharing information with other parties.

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