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Capturing the Pulse of Cities: Opportunity and Research Challenges for Robust Stream Data Reasoning
Freddy Lecue, Spyros Kotoulas, Pol Mac Aonghusa

Last modified: 2012-07-15


In a Smarter City, available resources are harnessed safely, sustainably and efficiently to achieve positive, measurable economic and societal outcomes. Data and information from people, systems and things is the single most scalable resource available to city stakeholders but difficult to publish, organize, discover and consume, especially in a real-time context. Enabling city information as a utility, through a robust (expressive, dynamic, scalable) and (critically) a sustainable technology and socially synergistic ecosystem, could drive significant benefits and opportunities. In the context of stream data (as real-time, gigantic, noisy and private data), this paper targets research issues we identify as important to harness the fused information resources of cities, Citizens and Stakeholders to reach the concept of Smarter Cities.


semantic web; stream reasoning; smarter cities; description logics; knowledge discovery

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