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Towards Optimization-Based Multi-Agent Collision-Avoidance Under Continuous Stochastic Dynamics
Jan-Peter Calliess, Michael Alan Osborne, Stephen J. Roberts

Last modified: 2012-07-15


In our ongoing work, we aim to control a team of agents soas to achieve a prescribed goal state while being confidentthat collisions with other agents are avoided. Each agent isassociated with a feedback controlled plant, whose continu-ous state trajectories follow some stochastic differential dy-namics. To this end we describe a collision-detection modulebased on a distribution-independent probabilistic bound andemploy a fixed priority method to resolve collisions. Dueto their practical importance, multi-agent collision avoid-ance and control have been extensively studied across differ-ent communities including AI, robotics and control. How-ever, these works typically assume linear and discrete dy-namic models; by contrast, our work intends to overcomethese limitations and to present solutions for continuousstate space. While our current experiments were conductedwith linear stochastic differential equation (SDE) modelswith state-independent noise (yielding Gaussian processes)we believe that our approach could also be applicable to non-Gaussian cases with state-dependent uncertainties.


collision avoidance; multi-agent path-planning; control; collision detection

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