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Towards Activity Recognition Using Probabilistic Description Logics
Rim Helaoui, Daniele Riboni, Mathias Niepert, Claudio Bettini, Heiner Stuckenschmidt

Last modified: 2012-07-15


A major challenge of pervasive context-aware computing and intelligent environments resides in the acquisition and modelling of rich and heterogeneous context data. Decisive aspects of this information are the ongoing human activities at different degrees of granularity. We conjecture that ontology-based activity models are key to support interoperable multilevel activity representation and recognition. In this paper, we report on an initial investigation about the application of probabilistic description logics (DLs) to a framework for the recognition of multilevel activities in intelligent environments. In particular, being based on Log-linear DLs, our approach leverages the potential of highly expressive description logics with probabilistic reasoning in one unified framework. While we believe that this approach is very promising, our preliminary investigation suggests that challenging research issues remain open, including extensive support for temporal reasoning, and optimizations to reduce the computational cost.


Ontology-based Activity recognition; Uncertainty in activity recognition; Hybrid activity recognition; multilevel acitivity recognition

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