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Efficiently Merging Symbolic Rules into Integrated Rules
Jim Prentzas, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis

Last modified: 2012-07-15


Neurules are a type of neuro-symbolic rules integrating neurocomputing and production rules. Each neurule is represented as an adaline unit. Neurules exhibit characteristics such as modularity, naturalness and ability to perform interactive and integrated inferences. One way of producing a neurule base is through conversion of an existing symbolic rule base yielding an equivalent but more compact rule base. The conversion process merges symbolic rules having the same conclusion into one or more neurules. Due to the inability of the adaline unit to handle inseparability, more than one neurule for each conclusion may be produced. In this paper, we define criteria concerning the ability or inability to convert a rule set into a single neurule. Definition of criteria determining whether a set of symbolic rules can (or cannot) be converted into a single, equivalent but more compact rule is of general representational interest. With application of such criteria, the conversion process of symbolic rules into neurules becomes more time- and space-efficient by omitting useless trainings. Experimental results are promising.


neural-symbolic integration; integrated rule creation; rule mergability criteria

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