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Social and AR Applications uUsing the User’s Context and User Generated Content
Boris Moltchanov, Carlo Alberto Licciardi, Fabio Luciano Mondin, Maurizio Belluati, Oscar Rodriguez Rocha

Last modified: 2012-07-15


The core business of Mobile Network Operators (MNO) has moved from network management and phone services to service providing. In contrast to Information Communication Technology (ICT) service providers, MNOs handle large amounts of their customers’ context data and generated content, which can be used to bring value-added services to customers and therefore, generate solid revenues. Given this scenario, this paper describes how Telecom Italia (a major Italian MNO) has prototyped such type of services after a deep research performed in the context-awareness and context management field and using its user-generated content management facilities in federation with other platforms and systems.


social network; augmented reality; context; context-awareness; user generated content; application; service

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