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Towards Using Discrete Multiagent Pathfinding to Address Continuous Problems
Athanasios Krontiris, Qandeel Sajid, Kostas E Bekris

Last modified: 2012-07-15


Motivated by efficient algorithms for solving combina- torial and discrete instances of the multi-agent pathfinding problem, this report investigates ways to utilize such solutions to solve similar problems in the continuous domain. While a simple discretization of the space which allows the direct application of combinatorial algorithms seems like a straightforward solution, there are additional constraints that such a discretization needs to satisfy in order to be able to provide some form of completeness guarantees in general configuration spaces. This report reviews ideas on how to utilize combinatorial algorithms to solve continuous multi-agent pathfinding problems. It aims to collect feedback from the community regarding the importance and the complexity of this challenge, as well as the appropriateness of the solutions considered here.


multi-agent pathfinding

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