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A Metric Scale for 'Abstractness' of the Word Meaning
Alexei V. Samsonovich

Last modified: 2012-07-15


Web personalization involves automated content analysis of text, and modern technologies of semantic analysis of text rely on a number of scales. Among them is the abstractness of meaning, which is not captured by more traditional measures of sentiment, such as valence, arousal and dominance. The present work introduces a physics-inspired approach to constructing the abstractness scale based on databases of hypernym-hyponym relations, e.g., WordNet 3.0. The idea is to define an energy as a function of word coordinates that are distributed in one dimension, and then to find a global minimum of this energy function by relocating words in this dimension. The result is a one-dimensional distribution that assigns "abstractness" values to words. While positions of individual words on this scale are subject to noise, the entire distribution globally defines the universal semantic dimension associated with the notion of hypernym-hyponym relations, called here "abstractness".


semantic mapping; sentiment analysis; quantification of meaning; recommender systems

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