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Online Inference-Rule Learning from Natural-Language Extractions
Sindhu Raghavan, Raymond J. Mooney

Last modified: 2013-06-29


In this paper, we consider the problem of learning commonsenseknowledge in the form of first-order rules from incomplete and noisynatural-language extractions produced by an off-the-shelf informationextraction (IE) system. Much of the information conveyed in text mustbe inferred from what is explicitly stated since easily inferablefacts are rarely mentioned. The proposed rule learner accounts forthis phenomenon by learning rules in which the body of the rulecontains relations that are usually explicitly stated, while the heademploys a less-frequently mentioned relation that is easilyinferred. The rule learner processes training examples in an onlinemanner to allow it to scale to large text corpora. Furthermore, wepropose a novel approach to weighting rules using a curated lexicalontology like WordNet. The learned rules along with their parametersare then used to infer implicit information using a Bayesian LogicProgram. Experimental evaluation on a machine reading testbeddemonstrates the efficacy of the proposed methods.


Machine Reading; Rule Learning; Information Extraction; Bayesian Logic Programs

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