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A Comparison of Playlist Generation Strategies for Music Recommendation and a New Baseline Scheme
Geoffray Bonnin, Dietmar Jannach

Last modified: 2013-06-29


The digitalization of music and the instant availability of millions of tracks on the Internet require new approaches to support the user in the exploration of these huge music collections. One possible approach to address this problem, which can also be found on popular online music platforms, is the use of user-created or automatically generated playlists (mixes). The automated generation of such playlists represents a particular type of the music recommendation problem with two special characteristics. First, the tracks of the list are usually consumed immediately at recommendation time; secondly, songs are listened to mostly in consecutive order so that the sequence of the recommended tracks can be relevant. In the past years, a number of different approaches for playlist generation have been proposed in the literature. In this paper, we review the existing core approaches to playlist generation, discuss aspects of appropriate offline evaluation designs and report the results of a comparative evaluation based on different datasets. Based on the insights from these experiments, we propose a comparably simple and computationally tractable new baseline algorithm for future comparisons, which is based on track popularity and artist information and is competitive with more sophisticated techniques in our evaluation settings.


playlist generation

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