AAAI Publications, Workshops at the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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A General Framework for Recognizing Complex Events in Markov Logic
Young Chol Song, Henry Kautz, Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo

Last modified: 2013-06-29


We present a robust framework for complex event recognition that is well-suited for integrating information that varies widely in detail and granularity. Consider the scenario of an agent in an instrumented space performing a complex task while describing what he is doing in a natural manner. The system takes in a variety of information, including objects and gestures recognized by RGB-D and descriptions of events extracted from recognized and parsed speech. The system outputs a complete reconstruction of the agent’s plan, explaining actions in terms of more complex activities and filling in unobserved but necessary events. We show how to use Markov Logic (a probabilistic extension to first order logic) to create a theory in which observations can be partial, noisy, and refer to future or temporally ambiguous events; complex events are composed from simpler events in a manner that exposes their structure for inference and learning; and uncertainty is handled in a sound probabilistic manner. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach for tracking cooking plans in the presence of noisy and incomplete observations.

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