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Personalized Text-Based Music Retrieval
Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke

Last modified: 2013-06-29


We consider the problem of personalized text-based music retrieval where users' history of preferences are taken into account in addition to their issued textual queries.Current retrieval methods mostly rely on songs meta-data. This limits the query vocabulary. Moreover, it is very costly to gather this information in large collections of music. Alternatively, we use music annotations retrieved from social tagging Websites such as and use them as textual descriptions of songs. Considering a user's profile and using preference patterns of music among all users, as in collaborative filtering approaches, can be useful in providing personalized and more satisfactory results. The main challenge is how to include both users' profiles and the songs meta-data in the retrieval model. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical probabilistic model that takes into account the users' preference history as well as tag co-occurrences in songs. Our model is an extension of LDA where topics are formed as joint clusterings of songs and tags. These topics capture the tag associations and user preferences and correspond to different music tastes. Each user's profile is represented as a distribution over topics which shows the user's interests in different types of music.We will explain how our model can be used for contextual retrieval. Our experimental results show significant improvement in retrieval when user profiles are taken into account.


Music retrieval; Collaborative-filtering; Graphical models

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