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Pub/Sub and Semantic Annotation Enablers for Future Internet in the PPP EU Project Test-Bed
Boris Moltchanov, Oscar Rodríguez Rocha

Last modified: 2013-06-28


Internet has significantly grown during the last decade; also many novel services appeared, generating huge incomes and fame worldwide. This is the era of new Internet services over the top, without requiring specific changes or specific functionalities from the “old” version of Internet. This, on one side, does not pose any limitations for the creation of new services able to build and offer on top of the large Internet technological foundation. On the other side, this way of “do it (everything) by yourself” has its drawbacks, such as slow creation process, long time-to-market, deep knowledge of many technologies on top of Internet, no standardization, no interoperability, solutions created by different people, and many other typical limitations of free but complex individual development. All those aforementioned classic Internet characteristics lead to a strong fragmentation of technology and services. The Future Internet initiative instantiation by European Commission in form of Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Program has the objective to populate Internet with common conceptual components (Generic Enablers or GE) enabling faster and interoperable service creation. FI-WARE is the technological core foundation project of the PPP program that provides specifications and reference implementations of the most common generic enablers and deploys them on its test-bed for public and evaluation usage. The Publish/Subscribe and Semantic Annotation GEs that the project has provided and installed in the FI-WARE test-bed are demonstrated in this paper.

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