Vol 14, No 1

Spring 1993

Table of Contents


Letters to Editor PDF
George McKee, Eric Dietrich, Steve Downes 6


What Is a Knowledge Representation? PDF
Randall Davis, Howard Shrobe, Peter Szolovits 17
1992 AAAI Robot Exhibition and Competition PDF
Thomas Dean, R. Peter Bonasso 35
Carmel Versus Flakey: A Comparison of Two Winners PDF
Clare Congdon, Marcus Huber, David Kortenkamp, Kurt Konolige, Karen Myers, Alexandro Saffiotti, Enrique Ruspini 49
Kicking the Sensing Habit PDF
Matthew T. Mason 58
A Twelve-Step Program to More Efficient Robotics PDF
David P. Miller 60
On the Role of Stored Internal State in the Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots PDF
Erann Gat 64


AAAI 1992 Fall Symposium Series Reports PDF
Pagoda: A Model for Autonomous Learning in Probabilistic Domains PDF
Marie desJardins 75
Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems with Multiple Perspective PDF
Zheng-Yang Liu 77


Applied AI News PDF
Zheng-Yang Liu 88

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