Vol 15, No 2

Summer 1994

Table of Contents


Is Computer Vision Still AI? PDF
Robert B. Fisher 21
Knowledge-Based Systems Research and Applications in Japan, 1992 PDF
Edward A. Feigenbaum, Peter E. Friedland, Bruce B. Johnson, H. Penny Nii, Herbert Schorr, Howard Shrobe, Robert S. Engelmore 29
A Structured View of Real-Time Problem Solving PDF
Jay K. Strosnider, C. J. Paul 45
DRAIR ADVISER: A Knowledge-Based System ofr Materiel-Deficiency Analysis PDF
Brian L. Robey, Pamela K. Fink, Sanjeev Venkatesan, Carol L. Redfield, Jerry W. Ferguson 67
Model-Based Scientific Discovery: A Study in Space Bioengineering PDF
Nichaolas Groleau 89


The Fifth International Conference on Genetic Algorithms PDF
Michael de la Maza 83
IJCAI-91 Workshop on Objects and Artificial Intelligence PDF
Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis 86
The Seventh International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems PDF
Daniel Weld 88


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 92

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