Vol 15, No 4

Winter 1994

Table of Contents


On Babies and Bathwater: A Cautionary Tale PDF
Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford, Neil Agnew 15
An Introduction to Least Commitment Planning PDF
Daniel S. Weld 27


Research Issues in Qualitative and Abstract Probability PDF
Moises Goldszmidt 63
Expertise in Context: Report on the Third International Workshop on Human and Machine Cognition PDF
Robert R. Hoffman, Eric Dietrich 67
Comparative Analysis of AI Planning Systems: A Report on the AAAI Workshop PDF
David E. Wilkins 69
AI in Business-Process Reengineering PDF
Walter Hamscher 71
The 1993 International Logic Programming Symposium PDF
Veronica Dahl 73
The 1994 Florida AI Research Symposium PDF
Robert R. Hoffman 74

Book Reviews

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp -- A Review PDF
Robert P. Futrelle 75
A Guided Tour of Computer Vision: A Review PDF
Jon A. Webb 77


AI Magazine Index-Volumes 1-15, 1980-1994 PDF


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 79

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