Vol 17, No 1

Spring 1996

Table of Contents


Woody Bledsoe: His Life and Legacy PDF
Michael Ballantyne, Robert S. Boyer, Larry Hines 7
CHINOOK The World Man-Machine Checkers Champion PDF
Jonathan Schaeffer, Robert Lake, Paul Lu, Martin Bryant 21
The 1995 Robot Competition and Exhibition PDF
David Hinkle, David Kortenkamp, David Miller 31
CAIR-2 Intelligent Mobile Robot for Guidance and Delivery PDF
Hyun S. Yang, Jiyoon Chung, Byeong S. Ryu, Juho Lee 47
LOLA Probabilistic Navigation for Topological Maps PDF
Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, Ren C. Luo 55
LOLA Object Manipulation in an Unstructured Environment PDF
Richard LeGrand, Ren C. Luo 63
Programming CHIP for the IJCAI-95 Robot Competition PDF
R. James Firby, Peter N. Prokopowicz, Michael J. Swain, Roger E. Kahn, David Franklin 71


The 1995 Fall Symposia Series PDF
David Cohn, David Lewis, David W. Aha, Robin Burke, Rohini K. Srihari, Ian Horswill, Sasa Buvac, Eric V. Siegel, Michael Fehling 83
IJCAI-95 Workshop on Adaptation and Learning in Multiagent Systems PDF
Sandip Sen 87
Thirteenth International Distributed AI Workshop PDF
Mark Klein 90
Case-Based Reasoning PDF
David W. Aha 92
IEEE Fourth International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises PDF
John R. Callahan 94
The Fourth International Conference on User Modeling PDF
Brad Goodman, Alfred Kobsa, Diane Litman 96


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 98

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