Vol 17, No 4

Winter 1996

Table of Contents


The Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference: Past and Future PDF
Howard Shrobe 15


Diagnosing Delivery Problems in the White House Information-Distribution System PDF
Mark Nahabedian, Howard Shrobe 21
Intelligent Retail Logistics Scheduling PDF
John Rowe, Keith Jewers, Joe Sivayogan, Andrew Codd, Andrew Alcock 31
Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict the Quality and Performance of Oil-Field Cements PDF
P. V. Coveney, P. Fletcher, T. L. Hughes 41
COMET: An Application of Model-Based Reasoning to Accounting Systems PDF
Robert Nado, Melanie Chams, Jeff Delisio, Walter Hamscher 55
Developing and Deploying Knowledge on a Global Scale PDF
James Borron, David Morales, Philip Klahr 65
Science and Engineering in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning PDF
Lynn Andrea Stein 77


Integration of Knowledge and Neural Heuristics PDF
LiMin Fu 85
The National Science Foundation Workshop on Reinforcement Learning PDF
Sridhar Mahadevan, Leslie Pack Kaelbling 89


Carol Hamilton 5


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 102
On the other hand ... PDF
Kenneth M. Ford, Patrick J. Hayes, Neil Agnew 111

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