Vol 18, No 4

Winter 1997

Table of Contents


An Overview of Empirical Natural Language Processing PDF
Eric Brill, Raymond J. Mooney 13
Linguistic Knowledge and Empirical Methods in Speech Recognition PDF
Andreas Stolcke 25
Statistical Techniques for Natural Language Parsing PDF
Eugene Charniak 33
Corpus-Based Approaches to Semantic Interpretation in NLP PDF
Hwee Tou Ng, John Zelle 45
Empirical Methods in Information Extraction PDF
Claire Cardie 65
Automating Knowledge Acquisition for Machine Translation PDF
Kevin Knight 81
Machine-Learning Research PDF
Thomas G. Dietterich 97
"Emperor AI, Where Is Your New Mind?" PDF
Wai Kiang Yeap 137


ICMAS '96: Norms, Obligations, and Conventions PDF
Rosaria Conte, Rino Falcone 145
Robot Learning a New Subfield? The Robolearn-96 Workshop PDF
Henry Hexmoor, Lisa Meeden, Robin R. Murphy 149

Book Reviews

AAAI-97 Highlights Developments in the AI Field PDF
Sara R. Hedberg 8
Modern Masters of an Ancient Game PDF
Carol Hamilton, Sara R. Hedberg 11


Carol Hamilton 5


Applied AI News PDF
David Blanchard 155
On the Other Hand ... Drawing the Line PDF
Kenneth M. Ford, Patrick J. Hayes 168

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