Vol 20, No 4

Winter 1999

Table of Contents


A Survey of Research in Distributed, Continual Planning PDF
Marie E. desJardins, Edmund H. Durfee, Charles L. Ortiz, Jr., Michael J. Wolverton 13
Planning and Acting Together PDF
Barbara J. Grosz, Luke Hunsberger, Sarit Kraus 23
Multiagent Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Decision-Theoretic Planning PDF
Craig Boutilier 35
Coordinating a Distributed Planning System PDF
Marie desJardins, Michael Wolverton 45
Distributed Continual Planning for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Teams PDF
Edmund H. Durfee 55
CPEF: A Continuous Planning and Execution Framework PDF
Karen L. Myers 63
There's More to Life Than Making Plans: Plan Management in Dynamic, Multiagent Environments PDF
Martha E. Pollack, John F. Horty 71
The Benefits of Arguing in a Team PDF
Milind Tambe, Hyuckchul Jung 85


The CP 1998 Workshop on Constraint Problem Reformulation PDF
Jeremy Frank 93
The Workshop on Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence PDF
Jack Minker 97


Carol Hamilton 5
Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 103

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