Vol 22, No 2

Summer 2001

Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction to this Special Issue of AI Magazine: The Twelfth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (IAAI-2000) PDF
Robert S. Engelmore, Haym Hirsh 13


Human-Level AI's Killer Application: Interactive Computer Games PDF
John Laird, Michael VanLent 15
SciFinance: A Program Synthesis Tool for Financial Modeling PDF
Robert L. Akers, Ion Bica, Elaine Kant, Curt Randall, Robert L. Young 27
An Innovative Application from the DARPA Knowledge Bases Programs: Rapid Development of a Course-of-Action Critiquer PDF
Gheorghe Tecuci, Mihai Boicu, Mike Bowman, Dorin Marcu 43
Knowledge Portals: Ontologies at Work PDF
Steffen Staab, Alexander Maedche 63
LifeCode: A Deployed Application for Automated Medical Coding PDF
Daniel T. Heinze, Mark Morsch, Ronald Sheffer, Michelle Jimmink, Mark Jennings, William Morris, Amy Morsch 76
Personalized Electronic Program Guides for Digital TV PDF
Barry Smyth, Paul Cotter 89

Book Reviews

Neural Network Learning: Theoretical Foundations PDF
John Shawe-Taylor 99
Unsupervised Learning: Foundations of Neural Computation PDF
DeLiang Wang 101
An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-Based Learning Methods PDF
Tong Zhang 103
Multiagent Systems: A Modern Approach to Distributed Artificial Intelligence PDF
Julie A. Adams 105


Carol Hamilton 5

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