Vol 22, No 3

Fall 2001

Table of Contents


Creativity at the Metalevel: AAAI-2000 Presidential Address PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan 13
A Gamut of Games PDF
Jonathan Schaeffer 29
AIPS 2000 Planning Competition: The Fifth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Systems PDF
Fahiem Bacchus 47
FF: The Fast-Forward Planning System PDF
Joerg Hoffmann 57
The GRT Planner PDF
Ioannis Refanidis, Ioannis Vlahavas 63
MIPS: The Model-Checking Integrated Planning System PDF
Stefan Edelkamp, Malte Helmert 67
A Planner Called R PDF
Fangzhen Lin 73
Heuristic Search Planner 2.0 PDF
Blai Bonet, Hector Geffner 77
Stan4: A Hybrid Planning Strategy Based on Subproblem Abstraction PDF
Maria Fox, Derek Long 81
Tokenplan: A Planner for Both Satisfaction and Optimization Problem PDF
Yannick Meiller, Patrick Fabiani 85
AltAlt: Combining Graphplan and Heuristic State Search PDF
Biplav Srivastava, XuanLong Nguyen, Subbarao Kambhampati, Minh B. Do, Ullas Nambiar, Zaiqing Nie, Romeo Nigenda, Terry Zimmerman 88
The Shop Planning System PDF
Dana Nau, Yue Cao, Amnon Lotem, Hector Munoz-Avila 91
TALplanner: A Temporal Logic-Based Planner PDF
Patrick Doherty, Jonas Kvarnstram 95
Planning in the Fluent Calculus Using Binary Decision Diagrams PDF
Hans-Peter Storr 103


RIACS Workshop on the Verification and Validation of Autonomous and Adaptive Systems PDF
Charles Pecheur, Willem Visser, Reid Simmons 107
AAAI 2000 Fall Symposium Series Reports PDF
Carolyn Penstein Rose, Reva Freedman, Mathias Bauer, Charles Rich, Ian Horswill, Alan Schultz, Michael Freed, Alonso Vera, Kerstin Dautenhahn 112
AAAI 2001 Spring Symposium Series Reports PDF
Lorraine Fesq, Ella Atkins, Lina Khatib, Charles Pecheur, Paul R. Cohen, Lynn Andrea Stein, Michael van Lent, John Laird, A. Provetti, S. Tran Cao 117

Book Reviews

Review of Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations PDF
Nicola Guarino 123


Carol Hamilton 6

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