Vol 25, No 2

Summer 2004

Table of Contents


Cognitive Vision PDF
Henrik I. Christensen 8


Dynamic Vision-Based Intelligence PDF
Ernst D. Dickmanns 10
Steps toward a Cognitive Vision System PDF
Hans-Hellmut Nagel 31
Unrestricted Recognition of 3D Objects for Robotics Using Multilevel Triplet Invariants PDF
Gosta H. Granlund, Anders Moe 51
2003 AAAI Robot Competition and Exhibition PDF
Bruce A. Maxwell, William Smart, Adam Jacoff, Jennifer Casper, Brian Weiss, Jean Scholtz, Holly Yanco, Mark Micire, Ashley Stroupe, Dan Stormont, Tom Lauwers 68
RoboCup-2003: New Scientific and Technical Advances PDF
Enrico Pagello, Emanuele Menegatti, Ansgar Bredenfel, Paulo Costa, Thomas Christaller, Adam Jacoff, Daniel Polani, Martin Riedmiller, Alessandro Saffiotti, Elizabeth Sklar, Takashi Tomoichi 81
Incremental Heuristic Search in AI PDF
Sven Koenig, Maxim Likhachev, Yaxin Liu, David Furcy 99
The St. Thomas Common Sense Symposium: Designing Architectures for Human-Level Intelligence PDF
Marvin L. Minsky, Push Singh, Aaron Sloman 113


The 2003 International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS-03) PDF
Enrico Giunchiglia, Nicola Muscettola, Dana Nau 129
National Science Foundation Summer Field Institute for Rescue Robots for Research and Response (R4) PDF
Robin R. Murphy 133
Issues in Designing Physical Agents for Dynamic Real-Time Environments World Modeling, Planning, Learning, and Communicating PDF
Ubbo Visser, Patrick Doherty 137

Book Reviews

The Eudaemonic Pie: A Review PDF
David M. Pennock 125


Carol Hamilton 3
Calendar of Events PDF
AAAI 139


AI in the News PDF
Jonathan Glick 144

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