Vol 26, No 2

Summer 2005

Table of Contents


Intelligent Technology for an Aging Population: The Use of AI to Assist Elders with Cognitive Impairment PDF
Martha E. Pollack 9
The 2004 Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition PDF
William D. Smart, Sheila Tejada, Bruce Maxwell, Ashley Stroupe, Jennifer Casper, Adam Jacoff, Holly Yanco, Magda Bugajska 25
RoboCup 2004 Competitions and Symposium: A Small Kick for Robots, a Giant Score for Science PDF
Pedro Lima, Luis Custodio, Levent Akin, Adam Jacoff, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Ng Beng Kiat, Oliver Obst, Thomas Rofer, Yasutake Takahashi, Changjiu Zhou 36
General Game Playing: Overview of the AAAI Competition PDF
Michael Genesereth, Nathaniel Love, Barney Pell 62
Description Logics and Planning PDF
Yolanda Gil 73
Embodied Communication in Humans and Machines PDF
Ipke Wachsmuth, Gunther Knoblich 85


AAAI-05: Twentieth National AI Conference Is a Panoply of Content PDF
Sara R. Hedberg 6
Reports on the 2005 AAAI Spring Symposium Series PDF
Michael L. Anderson, Thomas Barkowsky, Pauline Berry, Douglas Blank, Timothy Chklovski, Pedro Domingos, Marek J. Druzdzel, Christian Freksa, John Gersh, Mary Hegarty, Tze-Yun Leong, Henry Lieberman, Ric Lowe, Susann Luperfoy, Rada Mihalcea, Lisa Meeden, David P. Miller, Tim Oates, Robert Popp, Daniel Shapiro, Nathan Schurr, Push Singh, John Yen 87


Carol Hamilton 3
Calendar of Events PDF


AI in the News PDF
Jonathan Glick 96

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